Monday, November 24, 2008

Her Value

This study is taken from Elizabeth George's Book, "Beautiful in God's Eyes". I suggest that you purchase this book! Her books really challenge you as a woman!

This is an in depth study on the Proverbs 31 Woman. We have already discussed "Her Character". To catch-up on our study, please go HERE.

"Her price is much higher than jewels" Proverbs 31:10

A jewel is something invaluable, it's something very rare. The King's mother was trying to get across to him what a treasure a woman is, who truly counts God as number 1! Being a jewel to her husband means that "she brought the love, the color, the joy, the life and energy into the home." We are to supply the beauty in our homes, for our husband, for our children. We need to paint a pretty picture, even if times aren't so great. EG says, "Just as gems increase in value as time passes, we who are God's beautiful women- His jewels- should, too. " So, here are somethings that we should work on to help make those people's life around us, better:

  • Grow in practical skills- like homemaking (ability cook, clean etc... and then USE the skill, put it to practice!), money management (we need to at least know how-to do these items, if not take care of these), time management (Begin planning & scheduling your day. And then Follow The Plan!).

  • Grow in Emotional Stability- Master your tolerance (or endurance. We need to gain control of our emotions. In times of emotional strain, we need to pull from our strength in Jesus Christ (phil.4:13) and pray through things! He will be our strength!), Master your Temper (We could go so many ways on this one. Look to your Bible for these verses- Prov. 14:30, Prov 19:2, Prov. 19:11, Prov. 25:28. Start making a list of undesirable traits that you want to get rid of!), Master your Tongue (James 3:10, Prov. 12:18. We need to : Prov 10:19, Prov. 15:28, Prov. 16:21, 24 & Prov. 31:26. Speak thoughtfully, with a soft tongue!)

As a woman, I have to be completely honest. As women, we do tend to let our emotions run most of what we do. We get WAY too emotional. We tend to "freak out" if things don't happen as planned. Or if someone is being SUPER SLOW in the grocery line, or if someone cuts us off while we are driving... And then, do we try to do everything we can at home? Do we clean, do we cook, do we make our homes outwardly beautiful, warm & full of love? Is our home a place where our families can come home to rest, and enjoy each other? Do we try hard enough? I can say I try hard, but can I try harder?

I hope this is challenging you as much as it's challenging me... and I know we are being challenged in different ways! Like we said at the beginning of today, a jewel becomes more priceless as time goes by. Let's make ourselves more priceless also.

Lord- We come to you again today, and pray that we would be beautiful to you! That is our hearts desire. We want to be a priceless jewel! We want our families to reap the harvest of what we have sewn. And we want all of the glory and honor to go to You, God. We love you, please let all we say and all we do today on forth, bring people to You. Help us not to be discouraged about these words we've read today, but help it bring encouragement and a challenge to our lives, to better serve our families, or friends, our church, but most importantly, YOU. Again, we love You, Lord. Help us to do these things in Your name. ~Amen