Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Groceries This Week

Here I go again... still can't believe I am takin' pics of my groceries.

So, shopping today consisted of Walgreen's, Meijer, & Scott's (Kroger's).

I got all of the following for $53. plus $3. back for my next shopping trip. Here's the groceries:

2 gal. milk, 1 soy milk, baby food, baby cereal, 5 boxes of cereal, 2 Breyer's Ice Cream, 3 3L of Ice Mountain Water, pk toilet paper, 2 syrup, 1 Bisquik, 2 jelly, 3 bags shredded cheese, 2 Lysol cleaning spray, 1 Lysol cleaning wipes, 2 Chex mix, 2 bags salad, 2 BC frosting, 2 canned pumpkin, 2 sweetened condensed milk, 1 old fashioned oats, 2 scotchbright scrubbers, 1 tub butter, 2 tubes toothpaste, 1 box fishfry batter mix, 1 3pk plastic take-along containers, 3- 3pks tin pans, 2 pillsbury crescent rolls, 2 pks Safefree pads, 2 Dial hand soap, 1 applejuice, & 1 pk pepperoni.

I think that's it... That works on my $80. budget... I think I am going to decrease it soon... Not sure if I'm ready yet or not!!! Any questions, let me know!!!


Megan said...

great job...way below your budget!! So how much was the lysol 1/2 items?

Joy ☺ said...

Okay, so I checked out Megan's blog and I'm so proud of both you of I could just scream. But instead of screaming I think I've opted to come and eat at one of your houses instead. haha.
Now, is this all from COUPONS? Because I was trying to understand the CVS thing and getting money back and all that on Megans blog, but I can't wrap my mind around it. Where do you find the coupons?

Sarah said...

You can come and eat anytime!

But give a (wo)man a fish, (s)he can eat for a day, teach (her)him how to fish, (s)he can eat for a lifetime.

Yes, Joy, you too can eat FOREVER, all you need to do is give $50,000. to my bank account and I will send you a month's worth of coupons!

KIDDING!!! KIDDING! Ok, the coupons come from Sunday papers. I get 2-3 Chicago Papers, and 1 local paper. This gives me several of each coupon. So if there is butter on sale, and I have a $.50 coupon on one tub, then I now have 3-4 coupons in my stash. I can buy 3-4 tubs of butter. I would keep one out, freeze the rest.

I also get coupons off of the internet. I print these out. You can see on Megan's side bar (http://dailyessentialsanddeals.blogspot.com/) different coupon sources. These aren't AS abundant, but they sure are nice to have!

At CVS, you look for the good deals and for the things that you need. Start off small at first, like this month, you could do the crest toothpaste deal. Crest Prohealth is 3.49 . You get 3.49 in ECB back. ECB are like a coupon or money to use next time you shop. You can also use .75 coupon from about 2 weeks ago (in the Sunday paper) . So I will walk you through this: Go to CVS, are you there??? OK- Get Crest ProHealth Toothpaste, the small one that is on the monthly deal. You will go up to the register (with your CVS card, if you don't have one, get online or get one at the store). Hand them your card first. They will scan your toothpaste. And tell you your total. Give them your $.75 coupon. You will end up paying $2.74 plus tax on your first visit. BUT, you will also get $3.49 BACK in ECBs. So, you spent $2.90 (?) and you got $3.49 back in ECBs.

You can go back NEXT TIME then and buy something (that will give you ECBs back) with coupons. Like let's say there are toothbrushes on sale $2.00 ea. You get $2 back in ECBs when you buy. So you go in buy 2 tooth brushes, give them any coupons you have and the total, after coupons... give them your $3.49 in ECBs from last time. You will end up spending pennies out of your own pocket.

I hope I did not confuse you more! I am going to be teaching people at my church how to do this, in the near future. Maybe you should come up and learn too! It's easier to show, then type out!

Jessica said...

My mom had called me the night you mentioned this, I then ran to cvs and got their add and started. I'm super excited about trying to save money(so is John!)on groceries. I unfortunatly am awful at grocery shopping, I take no list n have no budget. Not a good combo. So I usually spend around 130 every time I run to wal-mart and on top of that I run to the local grocery store at least 4xs a week and spend no less than 20 each time. Which as I type it out, disgusts me! I'm slowly trying to wrap my pea brain around all these tips! Wish me luck and thanks for sharing.