Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Challenges In a Marriage

I had a whole other idea for today's entry, but like most days, it changes! The Lord had something else in mind, I guess. I saw an article in Parade Magazine in Sunday's Paper. There was an article in there called The Truth About American Marriage, by Leslie Bennetts.

Some of the statistics in there were very, well, sad. Pictures of people they highlighted were John Edwards and his wife, Madonna and her fling baseball player Alex Rodriguez, also Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Today, I am just thinking about marriages. And I want some input! I want comments from you. Please tell me what do you think the biggest challenge in your marriage is and what do you think your husband would say is the biggest challenge in marriage is? Don't ask him yet. Just tell us what you think he would say. You can answer anonymously if you would like. But please share what you think.

I may have some future questions, so stay tuned to what goes on! I will let you know what my answers are tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I would say communication, and I'm pretty sure he would say the same thing!


Bovee Brigade said...

I would say meeting each other's needs. Mine would be quality time and feeling secure with life issues. His would be sexual pleasure and being built up and encouraged with words. It seems if either of us faulters in tending to the other's need, then it just becomes a vicious cycle. Reading "The Five Love Languages" and "Love and Respect" have helped us immensely!

Joy ☺ said...

I would say it's being selfless, or SELFISH depending on how you look at it. It's hard to die to self when it comes to marriage, let alone in other aspects of daily life. I want things my way, he wants things his way. Seems a bit vague but that's my answer.
I would say that his answer would be putting up with ME! Well, okay, his answer would be communication I think.

Denise said...

After 42 years of marriage I think being friends as well as lovers is very important. We are past the problems of raising children and worrying about money. Just keep holding hands and smiling and loving and liking each other.

Katie said...

Well... this weekend is only our 3 week anniversary and all :D but I would have to say the most challenging part so far is just making sure I'm doing my best all the time for him- it's too easy to get lazy with things and not get work done. We took marriage matters classes for about 8 weeks then one on one counseling for 5 weeks so we are stil practicing what we learned( such as the 5 love languages!) His biggest challenge is meeting all of my expectations I'm pretty sure. I'm not too easy on him... yet!

Megan said...

I have thought about it a while and I cheated and discussed this with Shawn.(sorry I couldn't resist). I would say that our biggest challenges are finacial and getting quality time alone. It's hard with kids and all the time and energy they take.

I had trouble with this because I don't see one "biggest challenge"...but I do see that we need to work a little in just about all areas.