Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning- Office Area, Pt. 2

Friday... This week has truly been a whirlwind week! Last week was Spring Break for my kids and I thought this week was going to be better, but after posting my Spring Cleaning on Monday, I went to our barn and found we had a sheep in labor! We started last Fall raising Jacob sheep, and had a female bred, and then bought a young male and female. Well, Monday we had 2 sheep, Tuesday we had 12 puppies, and yesterday we had another sheep (from our young one)! You can see all that has been going on HERE... On top of that I have been trying to get things ready for a garage sale and keep house...

So, I will be posting my pics later this afternoon... assuming I won't find any new surprises when I go down this morning!

So, how did you all do today? Please share!


business cleaning services said...

I hope you could post those photos then. Things are getting much better now. Garage, I'm planning to garage some unused stuffs too. Thanks for sharing your week!