Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning- Office Area (And Laundry Pt. 2)

Sorry, I didn't post on Friday a follow-up to our Laundry Area. We were busy Friday, with kids and hubby off, and with Good Friday services at our church (which I was a part of...). I DID actually get my laundry done. Well, as done as it will get! Our basement is an large, unfinished room. The laundry is in one corner. So, I cleaned and swept down everything. I cleaned the tops of the washer/ dryer. I even moved a table into the area so I could fold laundry in the basement. There is one thing my hubby doesn't like, and it is laundry piled up in our living room (where I usually sit and fold it). And I try to respect his wishes. He is not a picky guy, and he doesn't make a big deal of it, but I want to try to make things better for when he comes home. By having the laundry in the basement! :)

Here is my after photo:

I don't know if you can see a difference or not!!! But I can, that's what counts, right? :)

So on to the Office area!!! Are you ready!?

The Office Area... Some of you may have a room that is your office, or if you are like me you just have a small space in a larger room that is your office. Whatever you have, your office should be the "hub" of a woman who is Beautiful to God! Think of all of the planning, all of the organizing that could take place in our office area!

So, let's get organized so we can really work as efficient as possible.

  • First, take everything out. Clear shelves, clean out drawers, clean off table tops, etc. As you are taking it all out of where it was, decide if you should keep it, trash it, sell it, or here's a new one, file it (my hubby loves that one). Then Do It!
  • Second, dust, wash down and sweep before you put anything back.
  • Reorganize! Let's not let our areas get out of control again. Use baskets, tubs, shelves, files, etc to help us organize!
  • Put it all back! Find a home for everything that is going to work the best. For example, do you use a hole punch (for example) a lot? Do you store it in the lower shelf, and hate to put it back so then it lays on the table of desk, out of place? Put frequently used items in a easy to reach spot, so you can ALSO put them away just as easy!
  • Do you have a coupon stash, like I do? Are they organized like they should be? Have you been wanting to try another system to organize? DO it this week! I use a binder for mine, with baseball card pages. But you may want to use envelopes or even a shoebox! Whatever it is, make sure it works the best for YOU.
  • Take a list of all of the supplies that you need, or will need in the near future. Then as sales come, you can pick those items up, and not have to pay full price. We have a Staples that has good sales every now and then, and places also have great sales starting around July! Don't forget that!
  • What about decoration? Do you need to redecorate to make you feel more excited to use this area? Do IT!
Oh, heaven help me. I can't believe I am actually admitting my "office area" (aka- my desk) looks this way! But, all in the name of encouragement! RIGHT???

In the last few weeks, this "area" got DUMPED on. I ask the boys to clean up the living room, or clear off the table, and anything that is mine, usually gets thrown onto the desk. I just have this little desk in my dining/ kitchen area. SO not a lot of space to put much! But it all gets shoved under the roll-top...

I have SO been looking forward to this week! I need this area back in order BIG time! How about you??? How does your office area look today??? Please share in the comments section or by linking up!


Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

I am behind at the moment, haven't even started in my laundry yet. Have had some extra hours at work and my next day off is Sunday. I'll work on the laundry on Monday and then head into my craft/office area.

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

No office area here, so I'm doing one of my boys' rooms. I will try to get the before pictures up today and will definitely get the after pictures up on Friday. I'm back and ready to get to work!!!!

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Gail Connick said...

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