Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning- Children's Rooms

Oh my... this last week was nothing short of tiresome and hectic for us! But life doesn't stop for the weary! I just need to remember to stop and pray over what I am doing. Which are the MOST important things to do? What does GOD consider the most important? We may be surprised, but He probably has different priorities for us each day... And I need to remember to seek that each day. I encourage you to pray over each thing you do, or desire to do each day... And then your day WILL be productive. So as you join in this challenge, pray over what you are doing! You will be blessed!

So, this week is our children's rooms. If your family is anything like mine, this can be a MAJOR chore! But with prayer and a determination to succeed at this challenge, we will accomplish a mighty work! :)

This week, we can to do the following:
  • Rid through the toys! Remember to use the 3 boxes: trash, keep or garage sale/donate. If there is anything broken (not fixable) trash it. If there is something you want to keep, keep it temporarily in the keep box. And anything that is still in good shape but you want to get rid of, put it in the donate/ garage sale box for now. After you have all toys rid out of their homes (toy box, baskets, etc) clean the “home” out. Sweep it, wipe it down, whatever. The toys you are keeping, is the best spot in the toy box or should it be in a separate basket with other “like” items (like Legos, Barbies, Hot Wheels Cars, etc).

  • Rid through clothes. Go through drawers, shelves and closets. Look at all of the clothes, are they the right size? Are they never worn? Are they too ruined to wear for anything beside playing? I usually put my clothes in a tote with the size market on the outside. I have totes from 0-3 months all the way up to size 8-10 right now, and when one boy out grows a size, I put it in the tote for the next boy! You can use your sorting system (keep, trash, donate) to weed through all of the clothes. The ones that you are keeping should all have a spot! That way, your child knows where to put them. Right now, you can also be preparing for spring by writing down which clothes you need to get (for the warm weather) for each child.

  • Wash bed sheets, comforters, pillows. You may wash bed sheets often, but usually the comforters and pillows rarely get washed . You can stick pillows in the washer (if it is big enough). And the dryer fluffs them right up.
  • Dust. This one will be a chore for me, because the boys like to “display” lots of stuff on their dressers and any other flat top in their room. So remove everything from the tops of dressers, bedside tables, shelves, etc. Use your sorting system for this stuff. Then dust! Dust ever surface in the room that could collect dust, even along the bed rails, window sills, etc. Then put everything that you are keeping, back.

  • Wash down walls, windows, ceiling fan/ wash curtains. My boys play outside then go to their rooms and leave little dirty prints. Wash parts on the wall beside their beds, beside doorways, etc. Clean windows, inside and out. Spray off screens, if needed. And wash any curtains or blinds.

  • Clean from under the bed. Using your system, then putting everything where it needs to go.

  • Clean out the closet. I know we have sorted the clothes, but there is PROBABLY more in there then just clothes! Use your system to take care of those things.
  • Is everything working in their room? Are all of the light bulbs in working order? Does anything need fixed? Are all of the dresser drawers in working order? Fix anything that needs it this week, or get rid of it!

  • Sweep! Now, everything should have a place, so you should have a clean floor. Sweep it, and spot clean any carpets. Wash any rugs.

  • Do you need to decorate? If you have been wanting to decorate your child’s room, do it this week!

  • Does your child have a laundry hamper? If your child does not have a place to put their dirty laundry, then obviously it ends up on the floor and under beds. Get them a clothes basket or hamper to put those dirties in.

  • Does your child like a light on at night? Use night-lights, which are low wattage, instead of leaving larger-wattage hall or room lights on at night. This will save you money in the long run.

  • Last but not least, pray over your child’s room, and your child. You want your child to have nothing but good memories of living at home. And God’s blessing as they grow.
Here are pics of my boy's rooms:

Now it's YOUR turn! Link up or share in the comments what you are doing this week!


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