Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Groceries This Week...

Ahh, grocery time already! In shopping this week, I grabbed up some more baking supplies. SOMEDAY those supplies will take over the expenses of the other pre-made items (or lots of them anyways!).

This weekend, and next week we have 3 birthdays in this house! My oldest son will be 9 and my youngest will be 2! My hubby will also be having a birthday. As well as MY mother and my hubby's mother! So there will be LOTS of partying the next 2 weeks. So, I had to buy a tub of ice cream ($5.99), I wanted to MAKE it with our DELISH recipe, but the 2 different milks would have been $9-10. So I went cheaper! :S

I also am making the cakes, so I had to get supplies to make the cakes. I actually had a "baking day" yesterday with my sister, in which I baked NOTHING! I put together a few mixes that are ready to bake! So, instead of $1.-$1.25 for a cake mix, I probably have $.40 in one cake mix? It could be lower than that, with out wanting to figure too low. Look HERE for a great yellow cake mix recipe, that upfront you will have to buy dry milk, but you only use 1/2 cup each time, so you could get LOTS of uses out of one box!

Back to groceries! So here is what I got this week for $74. (56 items) at Aldi's & Meijer:

There is a lot in this picture! I have a huge pack of toilet paper ($5.49), ice cream ($5.99), dry milk ($5.99), 6 milks ($2.29 ea.), 3 soy milk ($2.94 ea), I bought some stock-up items that I didn't really need, but want to be building my pantry with my basic supplies, such as oil and cocoa. I also picked up other items that were a good price but didn't really NEED at this time. But with these items, you can throw them in your freezer or pantry and have them stocked up "just in case". These items you won't have to pay for later at full price! For me, this week that was hot dogs (my family only likes these grilled or over the fire!), boxed potatoes (for some reason hubby LOVES these and they were free with coupon), chex mix (also a free item), olives, refried beans (which I hope to make these on my own someday soon!), butter, margarine...

So, for next week, which will be my last shopping day of the week, I have $62. to spend on groceries. Then the following week, I am going to do another "supply" run to our bulk supply store.

How are you doing on your groceries? I hope you are achieving the goals that you have for your family! Can I help in any way? Now, it's time to go clean! :)


Anonymous said...

I have a bag of beans that has been sitting in my pantry for a long time waiting for me to get up the nerve to make my own refried beans. I just need to bite the bullet and make them!