Monday, October 19, 2009

Make a Life Change...

I am calling out another challenge for you ladies, because I think you can handle it. Sometimes we get stuck in this rut... You know, doing the same things day in and day out. Cleaning, cooking, blaa, blaa, blaa... But I want to challenge you today to fill in these blanks, and then DO them. I gave you some options below. WARNING: this WILL make you think outside the box...

Today I will:____________________________________

Tomorrow I will:______________________________________

This week I will:_________________________________________


This month I will: _________________________________________



  • Say a prayer for someone new.
  • tell a stranger how great her outfit looks.
  • Bake bread or cookies, FROM SCRATCH.
  • Take some flowers to a friend.
  • Invite someone new over for coffee or lunch.
  • Talk a long walk and talk to God the WHOLE TIME.
  • Send 5 friends a post card telling them how much you appreciate them
  • Invite a new couple over for dinner.
  • Give your husband a back rub or foot rub, after he gets home from work.
  • Write or talk to your children and tell them one thing you are very proud of them for.
  • Learn a new Bible verse.
  • Clean out a much needed area in your home.
  • Ask your husband what is one thing you can do for him today.
  • Send your pastor a letter of encouragement and appreciation.
  • Volunteer to do something new at your church.
  • Donate food to a Food/Clothing Basket.
  • Drop off gift/groceries to a friend o neighbor in need (but do it in secret!).
  • Do something special for someone who is always serving at your church, then tell them how much they are appreciated!
  • Start a prayer notebook, and make an entry EVERYDAY!

These are just a few ideas to think outside the box. But DO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! And make sure you are not simply doing these things for YOUR glory but that these kind and loving gestures would point back to our wonderful God!

If you are up to the challenge, make sure you share that with us! =) May God to glorified by you today!


Mae said...

Your blog is beautiful and I love this challenge! May God continue to bless you : )