Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being a Woman of Virtue... Doing!

I hold a few things in my life top priority. God is NUMBER 1. Most definitely. My husband, is also deservingly, number 2. Then of course my beautiful and energetic boys. And the rest of my family and my close church friends are next.

As I look to what God wants me to be, and what he requires of me. I am EVERY TIME taken back to Proverbs 31, to the Virtuous Woman. And each time, I am reminded of how important it is to hold the things that our grandmothers did, close to our hearts. I am constantly challenged by this. Things like making more food from scratch. Yeah, we have busy days, but even in those days, if I make sure I have a meal planned ahead of time, I can still make something fairly easy from scratch (or close to it). This isn't just a luxury anymore, this is almost a necessity if you want to eat healthy. Also things like learning to sew, even just simple sewing. I know MANY people who do not own a sewing machine. They just don't know how to sew. And that is probably most of you also. But I think sewing is a skill that we should have even if it is very basic! I bought my machine for $79 at Wal-Mart about 6 or 7 years ago, and I have used it in a small business and for simple things around my own house. I learned to sew in home ec. class in Middle school. Let me tell you, it was very basic! I NEVER again used that skill until I got my own machine ! So with about 15 years in between, I had to learn most things over. And I was able to do it, and sew curtains for my house! I didn't even have a pattern. I have slowly improved my "skills" to even make robes for the boys and other kids in our family this last Christmas. Saved a lot of money, and ended up being a lot nicer than what I would have been able to buy on our "budget". What about gardening? Or caring for animals, like chickens, who could produce a product your family could use? Are these skills going to be lost on our grandparents generation?

I want to encourage you, as I have before, to learn SOMETHING new. And keep doing it, even if you don't succeed the first time (or the second!). If your grandmothers are still alive, even better, learn something from THEM! My grandmother was able to teach me to crochet before she past away 2 years ago, and whenever I sit, relax and use that skill, I think of her.

Being a woman of Virtue includes DOING... She works with her HANDS... Be challenged by this today. Not only will you be able to pick up a valuable skill that you could someday pass on to your daughters, but you are carrying on a legacy. And SOMEDAY, you will be glad you learned your new skill!

I have been wanting to learn to Knit for the longest time. And I have a sweet neighbor woman who is willing to teach me! I am excited!

What new skill would you LOVE to learn?


Laura said...

I do know how to sew and I hand embroider stoles (colored strips of cloth pstors wear around their necks on Sunday), but I don't feel that this makes me any more virtuous than if I never knew how to do either. I also don't feel that God is somehow more pleased with me because I make 7 meals a week from scratch, but I do do it.

Judy said...

I would like to become good at sewing. I starting learning. I have made 2 very basic quilts and an apron. I would love to take lessons.