Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Groceries This Week

Boy was I excited about groceries this week! I know, I'm a geek right? But, when you can get such great deals on groceries and save SO MUCH MONEY, it is FUN!

To recap, I have 6 people in my family, one being a baby who still needs diapers! I spend $70 a week in groceries. Which some weeks it is a real challenge, some weeks it is SO easy. This is one of those weeks, thanks to Meijer.

Here is what I got at Meijer:
At Meijer, I spent $42. !!! That was for 75 items, so that is $.56 and item. Not to bad considering soy milk if $3 a half gallon and I got 4! I also got a catalina for a free milk (from buying the General Mills cereals).
Here is what I got at Kroger this week:

I spend $24. there, and got a $1 catalina back. Not too bad...
And here is what I got at CVS:

Well, add 2 gallons of milk in the pic and that is what I got. I actually paid NOTHING out of pocket after ECB's. I needed some eye liner and my hubby uses the Tom's of Maine toothpaste! I actually need to get one more gallon of milk and I get a free one (there is a deal where you buy 5 milk and you get one free!).

So, all in all, I spent $66. on groceries this week. Not bad! I couldn't even fit everything into one pic like I usually do, that's great!

How did YOU do this week?