Monday, July 20, 2009

Emerson Creek Pottery = LOVE!

Emerson Creek Pottery.

I came across them the other day, and I fell in LOVE. I decorate in primitive/ antique/ country. I love finding great yellow ware bowls at garage sales or auctions. I love finding great old kitchen stuff that has been worn and loved.

Look at this beauty:

Yeah. That's my new coffee mug. And I love it. Absolutely. It is heavy. And it "looks" old. It's handmade. It's called "Go Green", and it is from Emerson Creek Pottery. They have more where that came from:

It's so beautiful! Here is some more great stuff about this line:
  • It is lead-free, non-toxic and safe for daily use, unlike the majority of ceramics sold in the big box stores today.
  • Each lovely piece is crafted by hand, keeping your family's planet greener.
  • Emerson Creek Pottery's Go Green Earthware ceramics are made in the USA, supporting the economy in which your family lives.

I am ALWAYS a fan of things made in the USA. Especially in this economy. And a big fan of "safe for my family" too. And I, as an artist can appreciate hand made, and how unique each items truly is. I hate buying JUNK that is going to fade or have to be thrown away in a year. These pieces are timeless, and of heirloom quality.

If you aren't into the "old" like I am, there is definitely more. Here is a piece from their "cranberry" line that I liked too:

There are lines for every taste! As well, as season!

Well, Rebecca and the wonderful people at Emerson Creek Pottery are willing to give my beautiful readers (yes, that is all of you!) a 10% discount on all orders over $25.! The code is BH809. This code will be good until 8/31/09.

So, if you are looking for some great, unique pottery from a wonderful company, look no further then Emerson Creek.


The Redhead Riter said...

Very pretty and "earthy"

Love the color!

:o) Have a Happy Monday!