Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camping- Yes or NO!?

One thing that my family and I do enjoy is camping. My husband and I have been camping, well, we got engaged one week while camping with his family. So we have been camping together (separate tents!) since before we were married.

It was a small (3 small person) tent, we got that for one of our wedding gifts I think? Along with a lot of great camping equipment, like the pans and the dishes. Then when we camped for 2 or 3 summers and has a little mister along with us, we realized that sleeping on rocks was NOT comfortable, and we should get an air mattress! So, we upgraded. We also upgraded tents to a 2 room tent. I know, big time, right? Then when little mister #2 came along, we were a little more cramped. So little mister #3 meant, an upgrade was mandatory. SO we upgraded to the pop-up camper.

Oh yeah. We were big time. It was great not having to set up a tent anymore, and great to be able to sleep on a (thin) mattress! But, for me, even the pop-up has grown too small. There is NO room for anything. We now have a mister #4, and with all of our stuff, we are cramped. And it feels like living in my bedroom that I had growing up, you know there is enough space to walk and clothes and supplies EVERYWHERE ELSE.

SO that last 2 summers, my in-laws have been so wonderful as to let us use their pull behind camper. There aren't any bunks for the kids (which I would LOVE) BUT it is much better. We can actually put things away and I feel like things can be cleaned up. (I hate feeling like you just have to LIVE in chaos! Organized chaos is MUCH better!)

As part of camping, we like being able to go for lots of walks, bike riding (we live on a very busy road, so these are luxuries!), we like the camp fires and fishing. I like the chocolate left over from s'mores, so I can eat later... That's our secret! ;)

So, that is how we have been camping! Do you camp? DO you enjoy camping? Tell us a little about your camping!


Renee said...

The last time my husband and I camped out with my family, the weather suddenly turned cold and we had to sleep in the car to keep from freezing. Not fun! So, now whenever my sister and her family go camping, my husband, my daughter, and I drive to their site, spend the day with them, and go back home to our nice comfy king-sized bed at the end of the day! We call it "pretend camping." lol

Tracy said...

My husband and sons go, but I am an "inside" girl.

grandma for jesus said...

Love camping, especially with family best times around the camp fire when we are fellowshiping together and the grandkids love to hear family stories. Its so much cooler in the dark.