Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Swagbucks Perk...

Search & Win

You have probably heard me talk about how great I think Swagbucks is. (You know, doing searches, earning money, FOR FREE>) Well, Swagbucks just keeps on getting better!

They JUST added Paypal to their list of gift cards. For 80 Swagbucks, you can get $5 to go toward your Paypal account. You know Paypal. You can take money from Paypal and put into your checking or savings account, and you can pay bills!

Swagbucks said they saw the need in these hard economic times to offer something like Paypal. I think it is an awesome idea!

TO kick it off, Swagbucks is offering NEW MEMBERS 5 Swagbucks to start off their new account. All you have to do is enter CASHISKING for the registration code, and they will give you 5 Swagbucks. The code expires on July 6th at 12pm PST. So hurry!

And to remind you all, if you have Swagbucks or if you are new to Swagbucks, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS NORMAL SEARCHES TO EARN SWAGBUCKS! That's it! You can add a Widget like mine to your blog or download their toolbar to your computer, and keep searching! Then earn money for whatever!

Have fun!


Mamatoosi said...

Hi Sarah - found your blog through mom bloggers. Thanks for the info on Swagbucks. Have you noticed an increase of SPAM in your email since signing up for this? I'm always so wary because of that and was curious to see what your experience was. My email is

Thanks! God bless!