Monday, June 1, 2009

New Coupons


It is June 1st, and that means new coupons on Check them out HERE on on my sidebar on the right of my screen. There are some good Kraft items on there again, as well as lots of others. (If you haven't printed coupons here before, it's easy and safe. TO download their "Bricks" program takes up hardly any room on your computer, then you can freely print off coupons.)

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

I actually JUST got mine from last month (maybe the month before that). But it is worth the wait. There are $30 in coupons including a free item of Cascade Complete! So go HERE to sign up for yours to be mailed to you!

Meijer MealBox Coupons

Don't forget about these great coupons that you can use along with your manufacturer's coupons. These are the Meijer store coupons, and sometimes these help get the total down pretty nicely! Check them out HERE. Go to the "Widget" on the right, and click on the "Specials" tab. Then you can push to print however many you want to! The only problem is that it will only print one per page. So you have to do some creative re-loading with your paper...

Organic Coupons

Like to buy organic and hate that you can never find coupons? Go HERE for some great links for organic coupons.

Check HERE Before Your Go Shopping!

Seriously. Check HERE before you go shopping for anything. Before you go to the mall, before you go to the bookstore or whatever. There are tons of great % off coupons and $ off coupons to lots of great stores!!! I keep this site bookmarked, and recheck it periodically. You should too!

Any other great coupons sites that you know of, and would like to share? Leave a comment and let us know! Otherwise check out these great links and get those great coupons and start savin' some money!