Monday, June 22, 2009

Groceries This Week

I am finally getting my groceries posted this week... Last week was so crazy, I didn't even bother! So, here we go...

I got all of these groceries for $48.98!
I shopped at Kroger and Meijer. At Kroger I spent 20.79 for 27 items and SAVED $36.54! AT Meijer, I spent $28.19 for 59 items and save $55.32! That is a total of 86 items, that is $.56 an item! And a total savings of $91.84.
AT CVS, I was able to get this, for $2.94, in the end earning $4 MORE extra bucks then I spent:

This is what we got at Walgreen's:

We had 2 transactions and spent a total of $5.58 and made $7 RR. Saving $29.54!

So, in all we spent $15 below our normal $70 budget to feed our family of 6! Not bad at all considering I took all 4 boys with me AGAIN shopping to 4 stores... I need to learn my lesson.

So, how did YOU do this week???

To see how I am able to save money on our groceries and feed my family of 6 for (less then!) $70 a week, go HERE. Any questions, just ask!


Jennifer said...

I did great at CVS too this week. My husband loves the soyjoy bars. As usual, you did awesome!

Anonymous said...

Feel free to drop the boys at our place while you go shopping...They would have fun playing with the kids and the kids ( on words). Just gimme a call!