Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great KMart Trip

As of Saturday night, when I last checked there was pretty much no one with coupon match-ups for KMart Super Doubles. So I went to church early today, had to stay after, then hubby picked me up and we headed straight for KMart (about 35 minutes away). I pulled coupons in the car while hubby drove. I know. I was TOTALLY unprepared. Worst of all, we had to hurry because we were having people over to our house 2 and a half hours from then.

I know, I'm such a nerd.

Any how, we got there... yes, all 6 of us. Including 3 little boys. Which doesn't make concentrating for deals very easy. But, I guess I was up to the challenge. I started off thinking I was going to go home with like cat treats or something. Coupons aren't what they were last time I went! But found the clearance and grabbed a few things. Then I hit a few more spots and found some more good things.

Here is what I got:

Yes, that is 6 packages of Chinet plates, 4 Oust, 2 St Ives 1 Dove deodorant, and 2 Clearasil. My oop was for tax ONLY. And it was $1.20. I see now that there was a $5 off $50 Kmart q, but I didn't thing you could use those... The cashier was also telling me there was a lady that came through someone else's line that had 40 coupons. I told her I didn't think that you could have any more then 10 per customer. She looked at me and said, "no, I don't think so...".
So, anyways, $1.20, and I SAVED $44.58!!! That is not counting how much each of the clearanced items were before...
Hope you all have good buys at KMart too. You will probably do better if you are prepared!!! Have a great week!


Megan said...

Great trip. Good to know maybe I can use more than 10

btw -- I had a post on coupon matchups that I put up early afternoon on Saturday

Hope you left something for me. I'm not going until Tuesday. I'll actually be in town that day so it's not an extra trip!

glad you got some deals!