Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Inspiration

With Weekend Inspiration, I hope to bring you some words of encouragement from the Bible, and also bring you some new ideas that will maybe inspire you to try something new! I know on the weekends, if I have time, I will look around on the Internet, and there isn't a lot posted on weekends to hold my attention. My hope is to give you all something of worth to check out each weekend.


Proverbs 14:1 "The wisest of women builds up her home, but a stupid one tears it down with her own hands. "

This talks about how we, as women, care for our homes and all that is in it. Do we build up our Husbands and our children? Do we make an environment that our family thrives in? Or do we hardly have anyone want to stick around our homes because we have made it a tense environment? Do we take care of what we have, or do we not care about taking care of what God has blessed us with?

It's not so much about a spotless house, as it is about a happy home.

Try Something New:

Here are some things I found, that I would love to try. Hopefully you find inspiration in one of them:

- Cardboard Stars from a Toilet paper Roll! By Her Cup Overfloweth

- Name Flags by Lavender and Limes

- 30 Meals, Meal Planning Made Easier! Idea re-blogged (is that a word?) by Create Studio.

- I want to make these Ham & Cheese Muffins and freeze them, to bring them out for breakfasts! Yum! By Betty Crocker.

Well, I hope you have found something that has inspired you to do something new this weekend! I know I would LOVE to do all of these! Have a blessed weekend! Make your time count.

If you would like to submit ideas to be linked here, please e-mail me!


Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Thank you for the inspiration.
It brings me joy to read your post and how much you value your faith.

Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

This Ham & Cheese muffin recipe looks so yummy! Will definitely be trying those soon - Thanks for the weekend posting, I enjoyed it!