Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning- Outdoor Living Space

Are you ready for our LAST WEEK of Spring Cleaning? I know I am ready to get busy on our Outdoor Living Area!

It is past freezing time for our area, and now we should be able to plant some flowers and things. And my patio area where we hang out in the summer, is needing some attention!

Here is what my Outdoor Area looks like:

So, our plan for our outdoor areas:
  • Clean-up! Rake up, sweep, hose down.
  • Is your outdoor furniture in good condition? Does it need repaired? Does it need a good cleaning? Do it now.
  • Clean out your flower beds and pots. Pull weeds!
  • Start planting! Plant flowers, herbs, etc.
  • Clean your grill. Take off the part of the grill that the meat goes on, and take it in the house and give it a good scrubbing with soap and hot water. Rinse it well. But it back on! Your grill is clean and ready!
  • Set out your furniture and set out your pots.
  • Anything else need done? Do it now!

Enjoy your newly cleaned outdoor living area!

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