Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning- Outdoor Area, Part 2

Is this REALLY the last day of Spring Cleaning? I will hate to see it go, but TOTALLY glad that ALL of that cleaning is done! whew!
So, how did you do this week on your outdoor area??? I think I did pretty well. Didn't have a whole lot to do, just clean-up, and I will be going to get some flowers today!
I swept everything, pulled upcoming weeds, removed the fall leaves from my flower beds, put the furnature back how I wanted it, cleaned off the grill...
Picture will come after flowers (hopefully!).
So, link up and show us how you did!


Anonymous said...

Sarah - thank you so much for hosting this challenge! I really had fun! Without your motivation I really doubt my living room would have got painted or my curtains

Cher said...

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