Friday, April 3, 2009

Moneysaving & Frugal Question

There are so many people missing out on saving money for their families. So many people spending too much, when they could have used a simple principle to save more money. Or some may not have any idea that they can actually do something else, more frugal, that would keep them from having to spend a lot of money on one thing or another.

So, here's the question. What moneysaving idea or frugal advise has really helped you save the most money?

Now, would you mind either telling us in the comments or linking to your site? And any of you who would love to learn how to save money for your family, check these out! Or if you have questions, ask them in the comments also. What kind of moneysaving idea or frugal advise would you like to see???

Please share your best moneysaving idea or frugal tip:


Megan said...

I think there's something wrong with your linkys.

I linked couponing here and it went up above under spring cleaning???

Danielle said...

I will leave a comment...just don't time to post something then linky.....MEAL simple yet it does take time and effort....but saves in so many ways!!! Stress of figuring out what to make, having stuff ahead of time....I could go on and on...BIG MONEY SAVER!!!