Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning- Children's Rooms

HERE was this week's challenge and the BEFORE pics.

I don't know about you, but cleaning my boy's 2 bedrooms was a real chore! There were 2 days that I spend nearly the whole day in their rooms, and one other day I was in there for an hour or so.

I accomplished ridding out drawers and closets, I rid through toys, and found out that there were a lot of toys "displayed" around the room, and NO TOYS IN THEIR TOY BOX! There was some odds and ends in the bottom of the toy box I had to rid through, but then I put all of the toys in there and that made a HUGE difference! I also washed all of the bedding, including pillows (which they loved). And I moved their room around. They love to change furniture around, and I am into finding how things can be organized the best.

I still have to put small clothes away in totes, and I still have a box of garage sale items in their hall. I also still have some Christmas trees out, in the hall waiting for the hubby to get them up to the attic. So not everything is done, but we're close!!!

So, My boys are waiting for their bus right now. I am going to go clean up their odds and ends from this morning, then get some pics and put them on. So pics coming in about an hour or less!

Update: Here are the pics~
Deklyn and Austin were so pruod of their room, they actually made their beds this morning without me saying anything!!!

Caden always makes his bed, and he makes mine too. His room wasn't as much trouble...

How did YOU do this week??? Did you have any fun? ;) Did you accomplish what you wanted? Are you proud of the work that you got done?

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Danielle said...

Sounds productive!!!! I didn't take part in this one b/c I had jsut went through about a month ago and did this in my boys now I weekly go up and help them pick up everything and put it were it "really" goes and then sweep and put new bedding on and all has seemed to help it stay clean..the boys are doing a great job daily making their own beds and picking up there toys when done...I am trying to make this a habit for make things easier for me.

Megan said...

Looks Great Sarah, I like your basket thingy!!

Tracy said...

Wow!!!! That's inspires me to dig into my kiddos' rooms!! I think that would probably take me two weeks though!! It's so hard for me to find time to do this...with all of the every day pick up that needs to be done. It seems like I can never get to this kind of stuff! Great job.

Genesa said...

Looks good! It's awesome to accomplish something! Even your kids can tell!