Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

Last night, my boy Caden got hurt, and I had to put frozen corn on his eye. So, he got really cold. My solution was to take a rice bag or "the warm" and give him one to warm him up.

I have made several of these bags. And they are very easy (easier if you have a sewing machine or access to one), and my boys love to use them all the time.

Basically, it is a rice bag that you can stick in the microwave (or lay on the top of your pellet stove!), heat up and it will keep you warm. I use them when I get so chilled from being outside that I just can't seem to get warmed up. I heat one of these up and stick it around my neck. These can also be put in the freezer and used for an ice pack (I need to make this, because I DO need ice packs frequently...).

To see how to make one, go here...

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Megan said...

We like ours too. I never thought of heating on the pellet stove!

great tip!

thanks again for linking!!