Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Week's Groceries

Yesterday, I talked my hubby into taking me to a bulk food place about a half an hour away from us. I needed flour in a bad way (I had NONE). Plus I wanted to see what other items I could get for cheaper buying bulk. Well, the answer to the second was that there was not much else that I could get cheaper! But I DID get my flour. I got 25 pounds! I know, I know. But, we will probably use it quicker then you think. I make our fav. potato dinner rolls, and that takes quite a bit, and I am committed to have homemade bread more often in our house (everyone loves it).

So, anyways! I did the rest of my shopping today. I went to Kroger and Meijer. Meijer was not that great, but I did get Soy Milk for $1.50 per half gallon! Which I was stoked about. (Did I just say stoked? Anyways.....) Plus regular milk was $2.39 a gal. And I got a whole chicken for $.79/lb.

And Kroger was awesome. Today was the last day of the Mega Sale, and I took advantage of it again.

Here is what I got:

I got all of this for $54.

At Meijer, I spent $33.90, on 21 items. I saved $9.68 (78%). Which isn't bad, but I did get a lot of milk. I figure I will usually spend about $26. in milk when it isn't on sale. With a $70. budget, that is almost half! So I just have to be smart with the rest!

At Kroger, I spent $8.38, on 21 items. I saved $45.30 (84%). Plus I got a "save $1. on your next purchase" Catalina.

And at the bulk food place I spend a little over $12, on flour, popcorn salt and some beans (new recipe).

In all, I spent $54. on groceries! Which is $16. under my budget!

How did YOU do this week???


Megan said...

woohoo!! do I see wacky mac!!!
You did GREAT!!

I went today too. I'm surprised I didn't see you. But I didn't go to meijer at all!