Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Week's Meals

This week is a little slower. Thank goodness! Well, as of now anyways!

We are very excited today, because we now have a new pastor! It was a very awesome situation, and it was voted today to bring in a new pastor. Let me just say, without getting into ALL of the awesome detail, that the Lord TRUELY lead this beautiful family to our church. The vote was 100% for bringing in this guy!!! VERY exciting!

Also, this week I have the normal, Tuesday night worship practice, Wednesday night church & a Cub scout den meeting (not sure how THAT'S going to work), and then Thursday night Women's Ministry. This week, At our Women's Ministry Gathering, we are learning to make a bag out of a towel! This should be fun! Oh, then on Sunday, we have a Baby Shower for a lady at our Church!

Anyways, that is a rundown of our week! Now here is the menu!

Monday- Chicken & Dumplings ($3.50)

Tuesday- Cavatini ($2.75)

Wednesday- Tacos - incl. lettuce, hamburger, tomatoes, refried beans, cheese & seasoning ($3.)

Thursday- Chicken Noodle Soup on top of Mashed Potatoes ($..75)

Friday- Country Potato Soup w/ Ham ($2.50)

Saturday- Vegetable Soup ($3.50)

Sunday- Sandwiches (?)

Remember- prices of the meals are included in the ( $ ) after the meal.

For questions how I do these meals so cheap, e-mail me, comment here, or go to my sister- in- laws blog here.

What are YOU eating this week???


Megan said...

Sounds like a great week of meals...

I NEED your chicken and dumplings recipe!! I love that stuff and I've never made it.

also if not too much trouble I would like your cavatini recipe. We are having that this week to and I like to look at how others make it since I just wing it!!

Oh and your country potato soup w/ham sounds great too so you can throw that one it too.

Man do I make you work or what!! guess you'll have to stop posting such good menus!!

Anonymous said...

How did the "towel bag" turn out? Sounds interesting. Love reading your blog...if only the dial up were't so slooooowwwww..... Andrea G.