Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Weeks Meals

Wow, for some reason, this past week went really fast! It seems like I just put our meal plan on!

This week is going to be a pretty busy week. Because of Elections, our Worship practice has gotten moved to Wednesday and we have church then after that. And on Thursday, we are starting our new phase of Women's Ministry. I am so excited. There are some great new things on the horizon for the women of our church.

Oh well, I won't leave you in suspense any longer (ha!). Here is what we are eating this week, including approx. cost of the meals (these include great deals that I have gotten!):

Monday- Tacos, with hamburger, lettuce, cheese, tomato, refried beans, and seasoning for the meat. Oh and the shells that I got for free... =) ($3.00)

Tuesday- Cavatini & Bread ($2.75)

Wednesday- Pork Burgers & french fries ($6.00)

Thursday- Tater tot Casserole ($4.00)

Friday- Homemade Pizza ($2.25)

Saturday- Vegetable Soup (I keep putting this on the menu, but we haven't had it yet! $3.50)

Sunday- Ham Loaf & Green Beans ($1.00) Yes, this heavenly tasting loaf was GIVEN to us by some wonderful friends at our church. My mouth will be watering all week for this!

Of course our breakfasts will contain Baked Oatmeal (Mmmm! $1.75), eggs & sausage ($1.50), Pancakes ($1.50), and cereal.

Our lunches will be grilled cheese and tomato soup ($1.00), baked macaroni ($1.25), tuna noodle casserole ($1.50), PB & J's ($.50, for 3)... and leftovers!

I am hopefully also going to have a "Baking Day", where I spend the day baking items to freeze and pull out as I need them. This will also include cooking up the hamburger I will use for the week, and then sticking it in the freezer, which will help make meals a little faster! I am also going to try the crockpot yogurt this week, and maybe some homemade Granola as seen here. I will also try to make pumpkin muffins, and freeze some. This will be the first time I have done this.

Have you ever had a "baking day"? What are YOU eating this week???


Megan said...

I hope to get back to posting our meals soon. We had tacos tonight too...also with free taco shells!!YAY

How on earth does your homemade pizza only cost 2.25 I figure mine is around $5.00

what am I doing wrong??


Sarah said...

I use the Jiffy Crust, this is like $.40something (I think!). Then, I use the Wal-mart generic pizza sauce, about 1/3 of the jar, costing me around $.40 (?). Then we use pepperoni. I get mine from Aldi's (I usually use this as a break from hamburger, becuz it's cheaper). Canned mushrooms from Aldi's ($.40 somethin) And I don't use a lot of cheese, at all. This saves me alot too, I think. And I am getting low on my cheese, so I need some deals or my totals will be going up. If we have chips or something with this the total would go up, but this week I was thinking corn on the side, and that was free. Looking at my totals, I might spend slightly more then $2.25, but not a whole lot more. Maybe $2.50-2.75. I am horrible with numbers. This also sounds like a skimpy pizza, but it's not! It is a kind all of us can agree on! And it won't be too long before I will have to make 2 pizzas. Everything is gone when I make them now. (ChaChing, ChaChing... and someday I will be making like 5 pizzas! For some growin boys.)

Oh, also we like to do Little Ceasar's Pizza in Angola. We get a large pepperoni Pizza for $5. and breadsticks for $1. We do that sometimes too. Yum!!!

Megan said...

Okay I think the cheese is where I go up. Also I make two huge pizzas now. Even Halee eats like 8squares.

So I use 2 jiffy crusts .80, 1 jar of sauce $1., 1 bag of cheese 1.75 (hopefully), little hamburger .50, 1 can mushrooms .50 I think that's it. total...$4.60 or so.

We do the $5. pizzas at Pizza hut usually once a month with book its. It costs us $15. but feeds up for several meals. nice treat!

Yes I bet it won't be long before you are making two pizzas and then more!!! I think it won't be long before I have to make 3. two is almost not enough. scary!!!!