Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven- Day 3, Cared For

To see this weeks challenges go to Monica's blog HeRE.

Today, we are going a step further than cleaning, and actually "CARING FOR" things in our home. We are going a step further, to make things last, to make it look as new as possible, for as long as possible. Take our organization to the next level. We need to do those little projects that just keep getting put off...

Do you have anything that needs some special attention? Do you have some mending that needs done? Do you need to organize you winter clothes, and put away those summer clothes?

You guessed it... I need to put summer stuff away! I will be doing that for all of us (6 of us). I will also be doing some laundry, and I do have a few things to mend, and some other things that I need to sew.

Here is my day:

Woke up at 7 AM.

Boys up, dressed, fed

Boys off to school! =)

Hubby off to work =(

A movie for Caden, baby still sleeping

Mommy computer time, and study (ahhh...)

Laundry started for the day

Sewing started, polishing furniture

Sorting winter/Summer clothes

1:45- boys off school early

Homework, reading

Put clothes away

Dinner (Tater Tot Casserole)

Hubby home


home & to bed!

What does your day look like???


thehomespunheart said...

Your list looks great - hope it is a great day for you!