Monday, October 27, 2008

Starting our Week

Right now, I am sitting at my computer (as I do MOST mornings) and 2 of my boys are watching a movie. It is also what seems like a gloomy day, it's rainy, actually it is starting to sleet. I think it is even supposed to snow. Depressing, right?

Mmmm, not exactly. While I am not a 'fan' of cold weather, by ANY means, I am very excited at the changes going on around us and in our lives.

This is our second week of my husband's new position, and things seem to be going really well. The boys absolutely LOVE that their daddy is home soon after they get home from school. I have to admit, it's pretty nice to hear him breathing beside me as I drift off to sleep. And as far as adjusting to doing my chores during the day instead of at night, I think THAT is going well also. I actually feel more "normal" doing things this way. Plus, I love to have my home cleaned, supper preparing, boys all "abuzz" about school, and I can actually get showered before he gets home. I am liking this!

We are also going through the process of hiring on a new pastor. Our pastor now, Mike, is stepping into associate pastor and in charge or the Youth Ministry, because his heart has always been in this position. And we are looking to hire a new pastor, his name is Lance. Over the past 2 months, my husband and I have gotten the privilege of getting to know he and his wife, and their daughter. I can just "feel" the excitement over this whole situation. Our church has healed from some "activity" a year ago, thanks to the leading of our pastor Mike. And now, we are ready to step into a new phase of growth. Our doors are bulging most weeks as we continue to bring the word of God to people in our community. The Lord has blessed and will continue to bless, especially under the leading of our new possible Pastor Lance. Lance's vision is so right on with what our church needs next, the Lord has given him a vision for the people here and how he can help to minister, and teach the congregation. It's all such a blessing!

I am also part of the Women's Ministry and we are starting some new things, that I am VERY excited about. I can't wait to see how these new things encourage and help the women of our church grow! Churches that do not have a ministry for women, is doing a huge injustice to it's congregation. Women are managers of their homes, and then also managers of the children. So in order for our homes to be glorifying to God, the woman need to have growth and encouragement also. I am thrilled to be a part of this.

I am also looking forward to spend more time as a family this week. Today was a full day of school, tomorrow is a full day and then the next 2 are half days. Friday they have off. Thursday we are going to actually keep the boys home, because we do not celebrate Halloween and their half day will be filled with Halloween activities. So we are just going to have some family time!

I am very excited to see what else this week brings.

Thank you God for blessing this week. Help us make this week bless YOU more than anything!