Monday, October 20, 2008

Spending Time with the Lord

OK- so, I have greatly improved in this area , BUT- I have far to go. I would LOVE to spend AT LEAST 3-5 hours reading, looking up things, daily... but it is impossible at this point in our lives! I have a baby, and 3 other boys. 2 to get ready for school, and 1 to do Preschool with (when we have time). Hubby is also home during the days, so that makes it hard to spend "TRUE quiet time" with the Lord.

So, I have made my time with the Lord before I go to bed. That has worked the best with our schedules. Boys are sleeping, hubby is working. I get my housework finished then also, and the aaahhhhh.... quiet!

Now, my husband just found out he got a new promotion in a day shift and our schedule will be turned upside down! He has been working evenings for at least 8-9 years now. So, as a married couple, that is all we've known. But now, we have to learn a new way of life! I have been anticipating the promotion for a while, and tried to figure how to make this a LESS BUMPY change. This will be a great change because the boys will be able to see more of their daddy, but now I have to adjust my whole daytime routine.

So, I will probably have to move my time with the Lord to the day. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO FLEXIBLE, GOD! Because, usually when my hubby is HOME in the evenings, I get nothing done!

During my time with God, I read my Bible. Usually 2-5 chapters. I love having encouraging books to read also. I just read Elizabeth George's "Beautiful in God's Eyes". Very Good Book! I also spend time on E-Sword, a downloadable for your computer. This is like a dictionary, a concordance, bible, commentary, note taker, etc, etc all in one. I love it. I have a pink highlighter for verses I find relating to ME as a wife, a mother, a woman... and I will underline anything else. I usually also spend 1/2 hour to an hour and 1/2. Just reading. And prayer time, I guess I have never watched the clock. Spending time on this blog, researching, isn't counted in my "God time" but could be. I pray about what I need to write for the day. The days you don't hear from me, are the days I have too much on my plate to focus on the blog time.

So, what do you do? When do you spend time with God? What do you DO in that time? How would you improve if you could? And do have any good advise for others?


Joy ☺ said...

That's great about the hubby's promotion! Now you will be able to watch Soap Opera's JUST KIDDING!
I would really LIKE to spend my God time in the morning, before going to work, but I'm lazy and I need disclined so I'm working it. Usually it's also at night for me before bed. I'm currently workin on a Beth Moore Bible study, then I will look things up in my handy dandy concordance when I come across a word or two in a verse that I'd like to delve a little deeper into.
Sometimes I just worship (usually in my car)
And I'm really cracking down on the prayer portion.
Have you ever heard of Walter Beuttler? Let me know!!

Sarah said...

I have not heard of Walter Beuttler.