Monday, October 6, 2008

Looking You in the Eyes

Daily, I try to reevaluate my life... Is this thing necessary, is that necessary... Could I be doing more here, less here... And of course, daily I also fall short of the expectations that are outlined in the Bible. Which, standing back, you might think would make me feel like a failure. But, in fact, it really shows me how much God really loves me! (Thank you, GOD!!!)

Sunday, we had a very good speaker preach at church. We have been very blessed to get to know this family a little better recently. And his sermon was eye opening to me. What he taught on was in Luke 22. He was teaching on "Distance Leads to Denial". Talking about Peter, and how Jesus had been taken into the hand of the soldiers, and then taken to be judged in the house of the high priest. He talked about how Peter had denied knowing Jesus. How we too follow at a distance in our "Christian" living (Luke 22:54), how we try to "keep up appearances" and act like we are Christ Followers (Luke 22:55) and how we sometimes we deny Christ (Luke 22:56-60).

But, in his whole sermon (which did I mention I loved?), there was one thing he read and talked about. And to honest, I never realized that it was even there. I have read this part of my Bible many times, but never "found" it. It is in Luke 22:61. You'll remember the first part, I'm sure. Jesus had told Peter, "Before the rooster crows three times, you will deny me." Peter had denied Him the third time, and immediately the rooster crowed. Then- "The Lord turned and looked at Peter", Peter remembered what the Lord had told him and he ran away weeping. I don't ever remember reading the part that says the Lord turned and looked at Peter.

Can you imagine? Peter messed up big time, and when Peter saw his Father, and his Father looked into his eyes, Peter realized how he had done something so terribly wrong. Something he promised he would never do! It would be kind of like when you were a child, and your mom told you not to do something. Well, you got busy playing or whatever, then you DID that thing that your mom told you not to do. To make matters worse, your mom was right there, watching you do it. That would be a point when I would start crying also!

But from where Jesus was in the high priests home, he could see Peter. He could see him trying to blend in, He could see Peter denying to the maidservant, denying to a man next to him, and then denying that third time to another man. Jesus was watching, knowing what was coming. He called it, "Peter- you are gonna mess up big time today, this is how it's gonna happen. " "No Lord, I would never do that to you!"

Does that sound like us some days, ALL days? I know it does me. I have big plans each day, I am going to read my Bible for this long and I am going to read this other encouraging Christian book for this long, and I am going to get all of this done and I am NOT going to get caught up in this thing over here... It's gonna be a great day. I CAN DO THIS!

Then, you wake up late. It's a little chaotic getting the kids out the door. You start your laundry later than you planned, you didn't get to reading your Bible, you got caught on the phone for too long....

The Bible says WE ARE GOING TO SIN! God already called it. He knew it. And then, when our day unravels, little by little, He is watching it. When we make a TV show a priority over our Bible, He see it. We are making choices that are not reflecting Him, He sees it. But then He looks us straight in the eyes...

Thank GOD, He offers us GRACE!!! We will never be able to do all that He would like us to do. We will never be able to follow every commandment, every law, every loving word and advise... Thank you God for knowing us, and knowing that we would never measure up. Thank You for sending Your Son. And I thank you that even when You look us in the eyes, and see our sin- You still love us! You KNEW we would do the things we've done, but You love us anyways!

I pray that I will continually remember that His eyes are on me. And even though I will trip up, that He is ready to forgive! Thank you, GOD!


Joy ☺ said...

Oh wow. I have to say I have NEVER NOTICED that was in there either. He looked at him? I had always thought Jesus wasn't around when it happened, even though I've read that portion many times too. Wow.
Thanks for the great reminders again!