Friday, October 24, 2008

Cheap Date

Yeah, I can be a cheap date. Although, hubby and I do not go out enough. Last week, we did make it out 2 nights! But that's definitely is NOT the norm.

And when we go out, what do we talk about? The kids! What did we used to talk about before we were married? I honestly cannot tell you!

But in today's entry, I am going to try to encourage you all to get out there, and be a CHEAP DATE! With money these days, being so, umm, crazy (???), we all need to think of ways to conserve what we have. And still get alone time with your husbands.

These ideas are not all my own, I have seen suggestions on various blogs and maybe I'll make up some, you just never know.

*** One thing Hubby and I did do back in the day, was go to bookstores like Barnes & Noble or Borders and just look at the books and hang out. Well, right now until the end of October, you can get a coupon for a free Cappuccino to Barnes & Nobles. Go here.

***Send the kids to grandma's and just go out on a "dessert date". Paying for a dessert and a coffee is a lot cheaper than paying for a whole dinner, times 2.

*** But if you want to go out to dinner with your man, I would suggest contacting your favorite restaurants and getting on the e-mail lists. They will often send you coupons for dollars off of dinners or lunches. I did this recently for my birthday. I read the Lonestar Steakhouse has a program where they gave you a free dinner for your birthday. It was true! They gave me $15 off of a dinner. They have since then sent me a coupon for a free appetizer, and some lunch specials. Also, try going through this site to find out how you can get a free taco at Taco Bell on October 28th!

*** Go for a walk without the kids. I know this is a little difficult sometimes, but it is so refreshing! Spend NO money, get some exercise and reconnect that day with your husband. Where I live, my husband has some trails for the boys to walk and play on, but I can put the baby in bed (even take the monitor, if I want), leave the kids in the house playing Legos or with a movie... And we get a walk by ourselves!

*** Rent a movie and put the kids to bed early! Go here and on Mondays and Wednesdays she puts a code on her site for a free RedBox movie. You may have seen these before and ignored them. My Friend, DO NOT IGNORE THE REDBOX! These have movies for $1. everyday! Current movies too! Take the code off of the site and go to the nearest RedBox location (ours is in Kroger (Scott's) in Angola). They just need your credit or debit card information.

*** How about just pawn the kids off on some unsuspecting aunt, and have a date night at home? Eating at home can be cheaper then eating out. So make a nice dinner at home, light some candles, enjoy the quiet of your own home... Ahhh...

Hopefully this will give you all some ideas and encourage you to reconnect with your husbands. We all need to do this, often. Very often. Do you have any other cheap date ideas? Feel free to post them here! Now stop reading blogs... and go make yourself a cheap date!


Megan said...

Great ideas! We went last month to the mall and just walked around and spent some time in Barnes and Noble. It is a lot of fun even if you don't buy much.

We have a stash of gift cards that we use for dinner. I get them free at Walgreens (use register rewards) sometimes and he gets some from work every year. So dinner is usually free. But I will be getting on restaurants mail list it will just make the gift cards last longer YAY. To bad I missed my free birthday dinner this year. Don't let me forget next year!

I've never heard of Redbox. Wonder if it would be in Kroger in Sturgis??

great post...thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas Sarah! It sure is nice to get away some evenings. Bill found a movie theatre in Mishwaka that shows movies for 1.50 it is the older movies but a whole lot cheaper!

Megan the Wal-mart in sturgis has a redbox. Never got any from there but it is inside the door. And I think Kroger in sturgis has it also.